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  • Welcome to 2018新版妈妈的朋友6

    2018新版妈妈的朋友6 is a low-cost hosting service dedicated to providing excellent customer service along with great technology and intelligent security.

    We aim to provide a single solution for your hosting, mail, database, and development needs.

    One of the primary reasons for the existence of 2018新版妈妈的朋友6 is because of poor service received at other hosting companies. Poor customer service combined with hosting plans that failed to meet our desires created the need for 2018新版妈妈的朋友6 - our own venture where we would not lose sight of the importance of rock solid customer service and reliability.

    For information about how to contact us, for help with pending issues, or to browse through the currently offered hosting plans, please read our Customer Service section.

    And more importantly, to learn about our in-depth take on the era of technology, and how we implement it in a customer-driven world, please refer to the section about our Ideology.

    At 2018新版妈妈的朋友6 we guarantee there are no hidden fees or surprises. Just Unix, the way you like it.

    ©2004-2009 Steinberg Computing. 2018新版妈妈的朋友6 is a service of Steinberg Computing.